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Business Valuations:
Tax and Strategic

With your strategic and financial decisions riding on the accuracy and defensibility of your business or tax valuations, it isn’t always enough to rely on a basic valuations report. At times, you need a robust valuation delivered by an experienced advisor – one with deep expertise and a highly disciplined execution process.

Our professionals have completed over 1,000 successful business valuations for a wide range of companies and situations. We are easy to work with, quickly answering your questions and tailoring our process to meet your specific valuations needs. Leveraging broad experience in transaction and board advisory, capital formation, business operations, valuation, and strategic consulting, we provide middle-market companies with rich valuation insight for strategic advisory, tax reporting and compliance purposes.

At Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation, our valuations are designed to bring confidence to decision-making for the following situations:

Valuations for Compliance

Whether you’re reporting to the SEC, IRS, DOL, board of directors or a group of financial stakeholders, compliance valuations are a necessary investment. We aim to give you the greatest ROI possible, by conducting thorough, defensible valuations. Our senior leadership team also ensure that your valuation hits all required targets, by tailoring our process to meet your unique needs. Our clients repeatedly tell us how easy we are to work with, for financial and tax compliance valuations.

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Financial Reporting

To maintain trust with shareholders, auditors, creditors and regulatory bodies, it’s important to provide accurate, transparent valuation reports on an annual basis. But, as financial reporting standards become increasingly complex, it can be difficult for businesses to go at it alone.

We offer the business valuation expertise you need to satisfy stringent financial reporting requirements. Our valuation professionals are well-versed in fair value reporting rules and have assisted clients ranging from publicly-traded/closely-held companies and financial institutions to private equity firms and startups.

We conduct business valuations for: business combinations; portfolio valuation; complex securities and financial instruments, shareholder and succession planning and intellectual property and intangibles assets.

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Tax Compliance

Businesses are expected – and legally obligated – to perform valuation work for tax purposes. But with a risk of financial consequences for mistakes, it’s important to have an advisor with the expertise to help you meet tax reporting requirements and withstand IRS scrutiny.

Our team of professionals have the knowledge and first-hand experience to confidently handle the valuation requirement for your various tax reporting needs, so that you can submit your paperwork with peace of mind.

To do this right, we ensure that all business valuation reports are highly detailed and thoroughly reviewed by experienced senior professionals from across the organization. We make it a priority to be transparent, which is why we meticulously document all of our methodologies to offer clear support for our conclusions.

We specifically handle valuations for: Stock Option Grants (IRS 409a), Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), Gift and Estate, and corporate restructuring purposes.

We also specialize in IRC 409A — learn more here.

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Strategic Valuations

When it comes to making strategic decisions, business valuations are an invaluable asset to solving complex issues. Offering insight on the condition of a business and opportunities for growth or expansion, a valuation can make the difference between success or failure during a critical pivot, sale or acquisition.

However, to fully capitalize on a valuation’s potential, owners benefit from senior-level advisory and extensive, real-world expertise.

Drawing upon years of valuation experience and over 500 advisory engagements collectively in our core industries of focus, our professionals deliver rich business valuations that help owners prepare for the future. Our quarterly and annual valuation reports are routinely used to advise Boards of Directors, business owners and investors, allowing them to have the necessary data to make complex financial and strategic decisions.

We perform strategic valuations to advise owners in transactions related to: Capital Raising, Shareholder Buyout Agreements, and Acquisitions.

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