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Sell-Side M&A Advisory

You’ve invested everything into building a valuable business, developing a strong company culture, and providing visionary leadership. Now that you’re ready to sell, you want a maximum sale value and to fulfill your objectives.

A premium value sale hinges on a buyer valuing your business based on its unique strengths and the full economic potential it will create for the acquirer, not just a function of your historical financials. As such, there’s no substitute for an advisor who has the combination of M&A tactics, strategy, and in-depth knowledge of your industry. If you anticipate selling your company, our industry-focused professionals can provide invaluable insights.

In an effort to get this right, you need an experienced and industry savvy advisor who partners with you throughout the process, as a fierce and proactive advocate, to achieve your objectives.

This is Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation.

Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Successfully acquiring the right business is a significant undertaking. From identifying high-potential targets, to financial and valuation assessments, to analyzing the fit of the business model, culture, and growth strategy with your company, you want to ensure an opportunity aligns perfectly with your objectives.

To attempt to maximize your return on investment, you need an experienced partner who brings a world class acquisition process, strong industry relationships, and a fierce commitment to achieving your objectives.

That’s exactly the kind of discipline and tenacity we offer to middle-market companies.

Driving exceptional results.

We’re tenacious in our drive to best help entrepreneurs achieve maximum results. As seasoned professionals serving lower middle market companies, specifically those with $20-$75 million valuation, we’re unrelenting in our mission to serve owners as partners and transparent guides. We leverage decades of M&A experience in five industries of focus to execute a highly-engineered engagement process that maximizes results for our clients.

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How we do it.

  • imageSenior Commitment
    Commit senior investment bankers with industry-specific experience to your sale
  • imageMeaningful Insight
    Deliver detailed insights to you up-front on valuation, industry trends, and risks
  • imageRelationships
    Leverage relationships with active strategic and financial acquirers to work to attempt to create a competitive sale process
  • imagePremium Value
    Provide M&A tactics and strategies that are designed to maximize negotiation leverage
  • imageMeasure
    Dig deep to understand your unique sale and post-sale objectives and utilize them as the success benchmarks that shape and guide the entire process
  • imageCaptivate
    Tell your company’s unique story in such a way that acquirers understand, in detail, the full future value your company holds

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