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Fairness Opinion Services

Making large financial decisions can be a stressful and complex task involving many moving parts. It is important to ensure the integrity and fairness of such transactions for all parties involved. A fairness opinion is a necessary part of financial proceedings in which our advisors at Objective Investment Banking & Valuation evaluate whether the terms of the transaction are fair from a financial point of view. These opinions are obtained regularly by many boards and fiduciaries.


Do I need a Fairness Opinion?

While there are some instances in which you would not need a fairness opinion, it is highly recommended for any of the following significant transactions:

  • Liquidation, bankruptcy, or restructuring
  • Management buyout
  • Related-party transfer
  • Cross-border
  • Recapitalization

We recommend that you receive a fairness opinion for any significant transaction that would influence shareholder value.


Why Should I get a Fairness Opinion?

A fairness opinion is one of the best tools at a company’s disposal. There are many fiduciary risks that come with making important financial decisions including costly litigations, reputation damage, and personal liability. The benefits of receiving a fairness opinion service from our advisors include:

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Reduce chances of litigations
    • Fulfill any fiduciary duties
  • Increased Transparency
    • Put stakeholders at ease
    • Demonstrate a proper review process
  • Informed Decision-Making
    • Obtain an impartial, outside viewpoint
    • Thorough financial discussion

We at Objective Investment Banking & Valuation pride ourselves in providing our clients with exemplary financial services. Our team of professional advisors is ready to work you through any financial questions and problems you might have. Our Fairness Opinion services will ensure that you and your company will have taken the necessary steps to protect your financial decisions.

Please contact us for Fairness Opinion Services:

(800) 849-7010.


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