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Estate Planning Valuation Service

Objective Investment Banking & Valuation offers Estate Planning Valuation Services to those who want to accurately and fairly transfer wealth to heirs. During times of economical uncertainty, it is especially important to take advantage of tax laws and/or discounts that are available to you.

Importance of Estate Planning Valuation

  • In the process of estate planning, it is necessary to understand the value of your estate so that you can decide how to divide your interests among your heirs. The first step of estate planning is to evaluate its worth.
  • Once your estate has been distributed to your heirs, they will experience tax consequences. By understanding the value of your estate, you can better predict the tax liabilities that come with the inheritance. For some people, it is their wish to distribute their estate to their heirs in such a manner as to minimize taxation. Objective Investment Banking & Valuation can help with this.
  • Large asset transfers come with taxation; however, it also comes with exemptions in the form of Basic Exclusion Amount (BEA). BEA is the total value limit of large gifts given during your lifetime (or, the estate received by your heirs). Understanding the true value of your estate makes it possible to structure your will appropriately.

As experienced appraisers, the advisors at Objective Investment Banking & Valuation will examine various factors for an accurate estate planning valuation. This includes intangible business assets such as marketability, liquidity, and reputation. Delaying estate planning valuation may cost your heirs a great deal of money.

At Objective, our role is to prepare clients so they can make the best decisions in the estate planning process. Please contact us for Estate Planning Valuation Services:
(800) 849-7010.


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