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A high-quality 409(A) valuation report is an essential preparation to consider before issuing stock options or similar investment vehicles for your company. Remaining in compliance with the IRS and protecting your business interests here is an art and a science – one that the expertise of Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation will help you precisely navigate.

IRC section 409(A) requires formal valuation work in order to grant stock options and other forms of nonqualified deferred compensation. Under IRC section 409(A), if a company issues stock options to employees at a strike price below fair market value, it is expected that the recipient will recognize income. Failure to comply carries significant costs in the forms of penalties and taxes.

Alongside compliance, a 409(A) valuation from Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation provides your company these additional advantages:

  • Fast execution, with the ability to consistently provide expedited turnaround for all funded company stages
  • A customized team, lead by a senior advisor, with decades of experience in every stage of investment expansion, from inception to IPO
  • Proven success and experience, with work having been reviewed by every relevant major accounting firm as well as the SEC
  • The ability to scale our services with your business, with the ability to serve both early stage seed funded companies as well as later stage companies preparing for an IPO
  • A cost effective process that considers your timeline

We provide 409(A) valuation updates on an annual basis, with personalized consideration for significant changes within your company.


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