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positioned to maximize outcomes.

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With change a constant in the consumer landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to evolve, adapt, and innovate.

Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation’s Consumer Practice has a strong track record providing high-quality transaction advisory to established and emerging consumer product and services companies to help them achieve their M&A and capital-raising objectives. In addition to deep industry knowledge and extensive transaction experience, our team members leverage senior-level relationships with global strategic acquirers and financial sponsors across the consumer sector that enable us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year by M&A Advisor

Corporate/Strategic Deal of the Year by M&A Advisor

Consumer Deal of the Year by M&A Advisor

Just a few sectors we serve:

Food & Beverage

Pet Products and Services

Recreation & Leisure Products and Services

Apparel & Accessories

Health & Beauty Products

Leverage insights and relationships.

At Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation, we immerse ourselves in the consumer products and services space to maintain detailed insight on the trends, emerging value drivers, opportunities and risks that affect our clients.

We also leverage our team’s extensive relationships with strategic acquirers and investors active in the consumer space to provide our clients with the range of options and superior valuations that a competitive strategic process produces.

We’re passionate about guiding consumer products and services companies through exceptional M&A transactions, capital financings, and valuation advisory.

Relentlessly working to…

  • imageConduct a detailed business valuation to guide strategic decision-making
  • imageMap the Company’s full range of strategic options and create a tailored strategy
  • imageIdentify high-fit acquirers and/or investors from a global set of industry relationships
  • imageEngage acquirers and/or investors in a tailored version of the Company’s unique story that positions for maximum transaction value

*Denotes engagements completed by an Objective Principal prior to joining Objective.


What others say about us...

“Objective’s competitive process was really quite impressive. They put word out to their extensive network of buyers, so many interested parties came to the table with solid offers that gave objective a little bit of leverage to drive the price up and it also allowed the partners to have options. There is absolutely no way we would have been able to sell this company without Objective.”

“The unexpected benefits of working with Objective was that it was actually fun. I can’t even believe how supported I felt during the whole thing. I really thought it was going to be a lot more work than it was. They negotiated exceptionally well and they knew deal structure well enough to get the right elements into the deal so that the outcome was the best it could be.”

“The Objective team are truly seller-goal oriented. You want a partner who shares your thought process and values — someone you are completely comfortable with and trust. I achieved that quickly with the Objective team. And, money isn’t the only consideration, there has to be advance thought put into what happens during and AFTER the deal is over so all objectives are hit — Objective does this exceptionally well.”

“I felt like we were partners in the process. We both had responsibilities and the partnership came through to achieve success. You don’t find that trust often in this business.”

“These guys are very organized and proactive in setting expectations for each phase. I was very impressed at how quickly and thoroughly they understood my business so soon after engaging with them. It showed me they had the right perspective to get the best return for me.”

“When you’re talking to a potential purchaser or investor, you want forward looking financials to be well thought through and 100% accurate. The highly-detailed financial projections Objective helped us develop gave us confidence that all possible scenarios had been thoroughly vetted — allowing expectations to be correctly set.”


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