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Leading M&A investment banking firm serving middle-market companies with enterprise values up to $250 million.

Specialized experience + global access

In 2006, we set out to build an exceptional team of professionals united by a fierce desire to maximize wins for our clients the Objective Capital way. We start by working closely with our clients to define their unique vision of success and execute by providing industry-specific guidance, global relationships, and skillful negotiation.

Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Investment Banker Dealmaker of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Corporate/Strategic Deal of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Healthcare & Life Sciences Investment Bank of the Year - by Global Health and Pharma

Technology Deal of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Consumer Deal of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Best Life Sciences & Healthcare Investment Bank - by AI Global Media

$25M+ Best Sell-side Representation - by BNY Mellon

Retail Manufacturing/Distribution Deal of the Year - by M&A Advisor

$25M+ Best Investment Bank Sell-side Representation - by BNY Mellon

Best Expansion Capital Advisory - by BNY Mellon

Best Special Situations Advisory - by BNY Mellon

Private Equity Deal of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Best Sell-side Advisory - by BNY Mellon

Best Valuation Contribution - by BNY Mellon

Best Advice for External Transition - by BNY Mellon

Best Advice for Internal Transition - by BNY Mellon

Best Growth Capital Design & Execution - by BNY Mellon

Emerging Leaders Award - by M&A Advisor

Sell-side Marketing by Investment Banker - by BNY Mellon

Valuation Firm of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Cross Border Deal Financing of the Year - by M&A Advisor

Health Care Heroes Award - by SDBJ

Thought Leader of the Year Award - by Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

Relentless commitment.

Entrepreneurs invest countless time, energy, and resources into building their business from the ground up. When it comes time to sell the business or secure growth capital, everything is on the line — emotionally and financially.

We believe that business owners with such a deep commitment to their business, deserve more than just a common service provider; they deserve a partner.

Fierce advocacy. The OCP Way.

We believe every client brings forth a unique set of objectives. And that it is only through investing the time to fully understand their holistic aims that we can together as partners define and measure success. With “success” mutually defined, we can focus the full power of our team’s experience, sophistication, and creativity to work to achieve superior outcomes that fulfill our clients’ unique objectives.

The result… An experience that you can look back on with satisfaction and confidence, knowing that you made all the right decisions. That’s success.

Channing D. Hamlet

Managing Director

Trever F. Acers

Managing Director

David H. Crean, Ph.D

Managing Director

Michael Kim

Managing Director

Jack J. Florio

Managing Director

Rivan S. Bisla

Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Christian Dougherty

Director, Valuation Advisory Services

Mandy F. Woods

Director of Administration

Matthew J. Pelo

Vice President

Matthew Ramirez


Ben Stenson

Senior Investment Banking Analyst

Kenzie Broton

Investment Banking Analyst

Chanie Smith

Marketing Operations Manager

Eric Moshcatel

Investment Banking Analyst Intern
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Values we operate by.


Unwavering Integrity

We do the right thing for our clients each time, every time.

Commitment to Excellence

We have a steadfast commitment to excellence and refuse to settle for “good enough”.


We believe that collaboratively working together with clients, partners, and transaction participants always gives the best probability to create superior results for our clients.


Our clients' objectives are the foundation upon which we make decisions and define success.


What others say about us...

“The OCP team are truly seller-goal oriented. You want a partner who shares your thought process and values — someone you are completely comfortable with and trust. I achieved that quickly with the OCP team. And, money isn’t the only consideration, there has to be advance thought put into what happens during and AFTER the deal is over so all objectives are hit — OCP does this exceptionally well.”

“I felt like we were partners in the process. We both had responsibilities and the partnership came through to achieve success. You don’t find that trust often in this business.”

“These guys are very organized and proactive in setting expectations for each phase. I was very impressed at how quickly and thoroughly they understood my business so soon after engaging with them. It showed me they had the right perspective to get the best return for me.”

“When you’re talking to a potential purchaser or investor, you want forward looking financials to be well thought through and 100% accurate. The highly-detailed financial projections OCP helped us develop gave us confidence that all possible scenarios had been thoroughly vetted — allowing expectations to be correctly set.”


Sophisticated strategy.
Exceptional outcomes.


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