Exit Planning

There will come a time when every business owner will have to either willfully or forcibly, consider exiting their business. Here at Objective Capital, we will model out each scenario, and present the data to help business owners decide how and when they will exit. We want to make sure that business owners can exit at the time they wish and obtain their personal and financial objectives at that time. They may decide to stop business and liquidate the assets, or to sell the business instead, but the decision will always lie with our clients.

Our team of experienced advisors will analyze a clients’ position and aim to determine the best exit plan. We will gain an understanding of the business owners’ personal and financial needs and show them when and how their business can obtain this. By showing multiple models and timeframes, we give business owners the control of knowing when to exit and for how much. We present the data and models in a transparent form, so business owners can determine the right path for their business without any basis. It is important for our clients to gain their objectives when exiting their business, and we will show them how to gain them.

Questions we ask to determine your exit strategy include:

  • How much money is enough?
  • When is enough?
  • What are the tactics going to be to get out of your current calendar into your desired calendar?