Strategic Advisory

In order to properly evaluate these types of decisions, we have developed a methodology based on scenario analyses in order to gain a true understanding of the possible outcomes. This type of analysis allows us to distill decisions to key variables and outcomes and allows our clients to truly understand the implications of their decisions.

We can assist business owners in evaluating complex questions such as:

  • Should I sell my company now, or wait to improve value and sell in the future?
  • What are the key drivers of value for my company?
  • At what value should I raise next round of financing?
  • Is the offer I have enough?
  • What options shall I pursue?

A business may be preparing for rapid growth, want to attract new investors, or make an acquisition, it is best practice to gain an insight to the future potential value first to see how well an investment can be. At Objective Capital, we will model each scenario so business owners can evaluate the risk as well as the expected value of their choices. We present the data and models in a transparent form, so business owners can determine the right path for their business without any basis.

In strategic advisory, our areas of specialty include:

  • Transaction Preparation Our team of professionals can assist preparing business for the future, and prepare for new acquisitions. 
  • Exit Planning We understand the different reasons to plan an exit strategy.
  • Strategic Decision Support

Once you can see the market of your business and your position, it is time to start making strategic decisions. Let our experience team of Investment Bankers guide you and your business to your objectives.