Mergers & Acquisitions: Selling Your Business

Business Sale Transaction

Selling a business and striving to achieve maximum value can be overwhelming to business owners. Our experienced advisors can identify various options for a business, evaluate their client’s objectives and help in negotiating a successful transaction. We incorporate our clients’ personal objectives into negotiations to enable them to make meaningful decisions that achieve what matters most to them.

Business owners have invested their lives into their business, and we believe that selling it should meet and fulfill their personal objectives. By utilizing our engineered process, we identify the key factors in the transaction needed for completion and strive to meet satisfaction for both parties involved in the transaction.

Our process includes creating a model designed with the goal of achieving a premium price. We aim to achieve premium pricing by creating a transaction that is beneficial to all parties. With extensive market knowledge and outreach, we strive for not only the best deal, but also the right fit.  

objective capital Maximizing process

Objective Capital Partners provides services that are focused on two specific scenarios:

  • Working with clients to prepare businesses for a future sale—and then selling them
  • Working with clients who want to sell immediately, including those who already have an interested buyer

We provide a high level of sophistication based on the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our experience. This helps us:

  • Negotiate better deals
  • Structure deals so clients get what they want
  • Know buyers’ objectives so we can bridge them with clients’ goals

Our competitive advantage includes our use of creativity, our firsthand buyer experience and our ability to rebalance the advantage to our clients.

Selling your business is a critical decision and we help take the drama out of it. We know we did a good job when two years after the sale of your business, you can look back and feel confident you made all the right decisions. - Trever Acers, Managing Partner