Mergers & Acquisitions: Buying A Business

Acquiring a company can be a stressful matter for a business owner. At Objective Capital Partners, we will identify options for the business, evaluate the owners’ objectives and help in negotiating a transaction. We are supportive of our clients and assist them throughout the entire acquisition process.

It is about achieving the right price and finding the right fit. Our expert advisors care about the chemistry, and will do everything they can to create a transaction that’s appropriate for both parties. We incorporate our clients’ personal objectives into negotiations to enable them to make meaningful decisions that achieve what matters most to them. Let us do the strategic due diligence; we aim for a transaction where both parties will achieve their objectives.

Our expert team, with extensive market knowledge, will look for any foreseeable problems and make sure to address them.

Objective Capital Partners provides services that are focused on two specific scenarios:

  • Working with clients to prepare for strategic acquisition – buying a company
  • Working with clients who want to buy immediately, including those who already have an interested seller

We provide a high level of sophistication based on the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our experience. This helps us:

  • Negotiate better deals
  • Structure deals so clients get what they want
  • Know sellers’ objectives so we can bridge them with clients’ goals

Our competitive advantage includes our use of creativity, our firsthand buyer experience and our ability to rebalance the advantage to our clients.

Selling your business is a critical decision and we help take the drama out of it. We know we did a good job when two years after the sale of your business, you can look back and feel confident you made all the right decisions. - Trever Acers, Managing Partner