Case Studies

Sale of Electronic Control Systems
and Green Total Solutions
October 2014

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“Objective Capital Partners really listened to me and looked out for my best interests.”
-Zbigniew Cabaj (“Z”), President of ECS

Business Overview

Electronic Control Systems (ECS) and its affiliate Green Total Solutions (GTS) provide building automation solutions and energy services to Fortune 500 companies, large REITS, military bases and data centers in Southern California. Together, ECS and GTS have approximately 200 professionals dedicated to installing building automation, energy efficiency measures, fire detection and security systems in thousands of buildings throughout California and adjacent markets.

Owner Objectives

Zbigniew Cabaj (“Z”), President of ECS, was the largest shareholder in the combined company and was seeking to identify a strategic partner that would share the ownership risk and provide capital to continue to grow and build the business. In addition, Z was a personal guarantor on all bank debt and performance bonds held by the Company.

Objective Capital Process

Objective Capital was retained by the Company to identify a strategic partner that could assist the combined company in getting to the next level and allow Z and the rest of the ownership group to diversify their personal balance sheets.

Objective Capital ran a comprehensive and formal process by reaching out to a large number of potential strategic and financial partners with the goal of finding both the right partner for the Company as well as the right transaction terms to meet their personal and financial objectives.

Successful Sale

The Company was acquired by Albireo Energy (AE), a portfolio company of Huron Capital Partners. Albireo provides building automation solutions and energy services to commercial and institutional buildings nationally.  Their solutions and services help building owners and managers improve efficiency and reduce operational costs while improving comfort for tenants.  Through its operating divisions, AE has a history of providing exceptional solutions to mission critical facilities such as data centers, labs, military installations, and hospitals.  In addition to geographic expansion, AE will introduce additional services through ECS and GTS including Demand Response, which encourages electricity customers to reduce their consumption at critical times, energy procurement, central plant efficiency, and a robust suite of related energy services.

Post-Transaction Results

Upon completion of the sales of the company, Z was able to purchase his dream boat “La Dolce Vita” and spend quality time with his family enjoying the waters off the San Diego coast. He also slept well at night knowing that his employees were well taken care of after the transaction.

Objective Capital Partners - Z Testemonial