The OCP Way

Objective Capital Partners is aware that successful transactions are built over time, from a foundation that includes:

  • Well-defined objectives
  • An approach aligned to achieve maximum sales price
  • Development of a business strategy to ensure interest from a large group of high-value buyers
  • An understanding of the buyer’s rationale and post-acquisition economics

We begin our sale preparation engagements by learning our clients’ personal objectives—since those are the measuring stick by which we gauge our success. Clients are unique, and their goals may include:

  • Ensuring family financial security
  • Developing a legacy
  • Sending kids to college
  • Purchasing a vacation home
  • Ensuring extended family is taken care of
  • Maintaining the brand
  • Ensuring key employees are taken care of

Our key metric is what we call the 2 a.m. number. After the sale—immediately or years down the road—we want clients to know they did the right thing when they wake at 2 a.m. and wonder if their decision was sound…so they can go right back to sleep.

Sale preparation activities include:

  • Development and refinement of personal objectives (the strategy has to be built around this to ensure success)
  • Business valuation
  • Development of strategies to increase business value
  • Identification of key risks in the business, both to mitigate risks during ongoing operation and to ensure a smooth transaction when the time comes
  • Evaluation of potential buyers and identification of strategies to be sure high value buyers will engage in the process

We can work with clients on an upfront evaluation or engage one of our trusted experts in an ongoing role to support our clients each step of the way.

Clients Personal Objective Structure to Selling Business

Everything we do prior to the sale is focused on ensuring our clients receive the maximum price when we execute the transaction. Our team’s transaction experience and sophistication allows us to produce strong results for our clients.

  • Tailored Strategic Process – From the beginning of each engagement, we develop a tailored process designed to highlight our client’s unique story, characterize in detail the value of the transaction and help position our client for maximum negotiation leverage.
  • Meaningful Experience – All of our firm’s senior professionals have extensive transaction experience, including firsthand experience personally buying and/or investing in businesses themselves. The additional practical knowledge and intelligence gained from this experience makes us exceptionally effective at developing and communicating rational business cases that effectively characterize the real-world value our clients’ transactions offer to all parties in the negotiation.
  • Negotiation – In negotiations, the significant experience gained from serving in the different seats at the deal table provide us with meaningful insight into a buyer’s perspective.
  • Peers with Our Clients – All of our firm’s senior professionals have run their own businesses and have actual operations experience. Having “been there,” we understand the practical challenges of building a successful operation. The peer relationships we establish with our clients make us more effective in working together as a team to achieve their objectives.
Selling your business is a critical decision and we help take the drama out of it. We know we did a good job when two years after the sale of your business, you can look back and feel confident you made all the right decisions. - Trever Acers, Managing Partner